ASM Fuel Return Kit for Genesis Coupe 2.0T




We have partnered with FMS Injection to develop a much needed solution that comes with everything you need to fuel whatever power goal you’re looking for on your Genesis Coupe 2.0T!

With our fuel return system, you get a comprehensive solution that provides everything you need to upgrade your stock fuel system. Whether you’re looking to improve performance, achieve higher power goals, or simply replace worn-out components, our kit offers a wide range of options that will suit your needs.

Our partnership with FMS Injection ensures that all of our kits are equipped with E85 safe components, including the fuel pump(s), lines, and fuel pressure regulator.

The kit will include:

  • AN6 or AN8 PTFE fuel feed line with an option to adapt into the stock hard line or completely replace it with a full length line from the fuel pump to the fuel rail
  • AN6 PTFE fuel return line from the fuel pressure regulator to the fuel pump
  • AN6 PTFE line to connect the fuel rail to the fuel pressure regulator
  • Fuel rail adapter fittings
  • FMS adjustable fuel pressure regulator with 0-100psi gauge
  • In-line 10 micron fuel filter
  • Your choice of fuel pump size including a single FMS 340lph, single Walbro 525lph, or dual FMS 340lph
  • Modified fuel pump basket with an AN6 fuel return fitting, upgraded power and ground wires for the fuel pump(s), and optional AN6 or AN8 fuel feed fitting
  • Optional in-tank fuel pressure regulator delete or Radium Venturi Jet Pump upgrade
  • Optional fuel pump relay(s)
  • Optional GM flex fuel sensor placed on the fuel pressure regulator

Additional information

Fuel Feed Line

No feed line, AN6 with hardline adapters, AN6 full length, AN8 full length

Fuel Pump Size

Single 340lph, Single 525lph, Dual 340lph

Fuel Pump Basket

Send yours in, Brand new basket

In-tank Fuel Pressure Regulator

In-tank FPR delete, Radium Venturi Jet Pump

Ethanol Content Sensor

No sensor, Include

Fuel Pump Relay(s)

No relay(s), Single relay, Dual relays


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