Link ECU Genesis Coupe 2.0T




With this kit you can fully tune your Genesis while maintaining its drivability and stock features.
Some special features includes:
  • Fully plug and play
  • Fully working A/C without the need of external modification
  • Rolling Antilag
  • Launch Control
  • Multi maps using traction control button
  • Working Bk2 52mm Gauges
  • Works with automatic transmissions Genesis
  • And much much more.
Includes a plug and play harness for seamless adaption.
Each plug and play harness is built to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for assembly and delivery.
We offer custom tunes for cars located in south Florida. Contact us for a quote.
Any cars outside of south Florida, contact your local Alphaspeed dealer for tuning options.

Additional information

ECU selection

G4X, G4+


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