Bosch Injectors for Genesis Coupe 2.0T




We have partnered with FMS injectors to provide you with genuine Bosch injectors and plug and play adapters when required.

There are multiple sizes to choose from in order to fit your specific needs.

Please select which intake manifold will be used in order to provide the correct height injector.

All injectors come with a fresh flowsheet and deadtimes for tuning.

Fits all BK1 2.0T and will fit BK2 2.0T with aftermarket ECU such as Haltech or Link

When choosing the 2200cc or 2600cc option, it is required to only run E85. If using 93 is necessary, please choose the 2150cc option.

Approximate wheel horsepower at 90-100% duty cycle:

1000cc: 340whp on E85, 400+whp on 93

1300cc: 450whp on E85, 500+whp on 93

1650cc: 500whp on E85

2200cc: 615whp on E85

2600cc: 700+whp on E85


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